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Ethiopia’s election Board confiscated UDJ and AEUP, awarded them to cliques

January 29,2015

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia passed decision today on claims relating to Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) and All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) leaderships, reported Fana Broadcasting.

The report indicated that UDJ party is to be under the leadership of Tigistu Awoel where as AEUP leadership is awarded to Abebaw Mehari.

The election board, like any other governmental institutions in Ethiopia, is a servant to the ruling party with no semblance of neutrality principle.

Many are in agreement that the two individuals whom the Election Board awarded with “leadership right” ,following what was projected as internal wrangling and dispute, are ruling party cliques infiltrated to the oppositions mentioned above to stir up disagreement from within only to emerge as winners with administrative support of the sham election board.

For pundits and observers of Ethiopian politics, the move is clearly part of pre-election administrative and political maneuver of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party for a “landslide victory.” Election gone wrong from the very beginning.

In reality, even if the opposition parties were successful in safeguarding their legal status, it was very unlikely for them to make meaningful gains out of the coming election as the ruling party does seem to have what looks like a policy of loser takes all policy even at the expense of the lives of hundreds of citizens.

What the election board did in essence is confiscation opposition parties with legal existence in the country and hand it over to its mercenaries within the aforementioned opposition parties.




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