[Video -Amharic] Interview with Ato Assefa Chabo – Who was neftegna in Chencha?

January 20,2015

In an interview with Yared Tibebu, Ato Assefa Chabo shares his account of the fabric that constituted neftegna in a town where he grew up in southern Ethiopia (click video above to watch). Neftegna politically laden terminology often times mistaken with a language group rather while it is meant to refer to class. What is your take about Assefa Chebo’s description of neftegna in Chebo? Pleas share your views.

One Response to "[Video -Amharic] Interview with Ato Assefa Chabo – Who was neftegna in Chencha?"

  1. Wtf   March 30, 2016 at 4:26 am

    The guy interviewing is so happy with this guys explanation since it will prove Oromo is guilty. And the story of neftegna is yet to be revealed. But even then, it doesn’t leave the Amahara off the hook.
    Will post more nuanced comment soon. hmmm I can’t believe they are rewriting history.


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