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Tsegahun Deneke shines again at MDG Gambella race

Ethiopian Run
January 13, 2015

Gambella Great Run Source - Ethiopia Great Run
Gambella Great Run
Source – Ethiopia Great Run

Tsegahun Deneke Shines again at MDG Gambella race this year. He was the winner when Great Ethiopian Run organized its second race in Gambella in 2011. The race was staged under the slogan “Empower Women, Empower a Nation” and comprises a community outreach program on the eve (Saturday) where live music, interviews and a short film were shown. On Sunday 5.5km mass race and 1.2km children took place.

Registration for race was started 10 days before the race and it was closed in less than a week showing how keen Gambella town residents are to take part on such sporting events. Some regions registration is still open on the morning of the race. Great Ethiopian Run has worked closely with Mayors office, Regional Athletics Federation and Gambella Town Sport Commission to stage the event.

Gambella Region Vice President Engineer Ulero Uphiyo , Mayor of Gambella Town Chebe Chebe and Gambella Region MoWCY Head Alemitu Umode were among the dignitaries that started the race and handed out prizes to winners. Hundreds of spectators attend the community event as well as the race on Sunday and a total of close 2,000 participants took part in the adult and children races.

Elite Men winners
1st Tsegahun Deneke
2nd Yonas Feyesa
3rd Jemal Yesuf

Elite Woman winners
1st Marta Umed
2nd Elsa Ujulu
3rd Birtukan



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