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Ethiopia : Fear of Ebola epidemic hovering in Addis Ababa

January 15,2015

Source Negere Ethiopia
Source Negere Ethiopia

As rate of infection and number of death from Ebola is being reportedly decreasing in West African countries where the problem was severe, fear of Ebola epidemic is hovering in Addis Ababa.

Specifically, vicinity of Ferensay Legasion (French legation) is tense our of fear of contraction of Ebola after police reportedly quarantined about 10 people in the area, according to report by Negere Ethiopia

The action of the police came after a man who worked with unnamed Non-governmental Organization in Sierra Leone passed away soon after his return to Ethiopia, added the report by Negere Ethiopia. Blood sample of the person who passed away is reportedly sent for examination to determine if he died of Ebola.

A residential premise in Ferensay Legasion which is believed to be where persons, including ambulance driver who is named as Isayas, who made contacts with the person who passed away live are restricted in the premise in an apparent move to avoid contact with other people which is causing tense situation in the neighborhood of Ferensay legasion.

Negere Ethiopia ‘s report also indicated that health workers and police confirmed that Isayas was driving the patient to and from hospital and that more than 20 persons live in the premise where only 10 persons are quarantined. Persons who happened to have contact with Isayas outside of the premise are not traced too, according to the report. Those who left the premise before police restricted movement to and from indicated residential premise are not restricted in their movement either.

Negere Ethiopia claimed that it spoke on the phone to people who are quarantined in their but there was no willingness on the part of those who are quarantined on grounds that they have been cautioned not to speak about it as it is ‘state secret’

The source did not mention anything whether the hospital the patient visited did precaution to treat the case as Ebola or not which means that additional number of people in the hospital might have come into contact with the patient.

borkena will provide update if government news agency cover the story and if there is a response from authorities on this matter.



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