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From Tracks to Business: The Story of Haile Gebrselassie

Star 1960
By: Sandra Dindi
January 1,2014

haile-gebrselassie--tnbAfter dominating the world’s marathons for 27 long years, legendary runner Haile Gebrsellassie has now exchanged his track suit for a three piece suit, becoming a successful and busy entrepreneur.

In an interview with BBC news, 41 year old former 5-time 10,000 meters Olympic gold medalist and world champion Haile Gebreselassie revealed how he used proceeds from his winnings in athletics to venture in real estate by building a multipurpose centre in Addis Ababa.

He also diversified his portfolio by buying land for a 1500 hectare coffee plantation.
Coffee is Ethiopia’s largest export commodity, involving 20 million smallholders, and with its own commodity exchange through which farmer co-operatives can sell to the New York market through facilitated deals.

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