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Govt confirms debris from AirAsia

The Jakarta Post
Nadya Natahadibrata and Hans Nicholas Jong
December 30,2014

Jakarta -The Transportation Ministry’s acting director general of air transportation, Djoko Murjatmodjo, confirmed on Tuesday that wreckage discovered in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, was from AirAsia flight QZ8501.

“It has been confirmed that it is debris from an aircraft bearing red and white colors,” Djoko said, citing that the debris was found by the ministry’s rescue team.

“The recovery process will now be centered in the debris location in coordination with Basarnas [the National Search and Rescue Agency],” he continued.

Flight QZ8501, en route to Singapore from Indonesia’s second-biggest city of Surabaya in East Java, was officially declared missing on Sunday morning.

The ministry said that Jakarta’s air traffic control (ATC) had been about to approve the flight’s request to climb to a higher altitude when the plane vanished.

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