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Fidel Castro : My Life


December 27,2014

My life  Fidel Castro - Source google books
My life Fidel Castro – Source google books

This book does not just give you a clear image of the Cuban revolution and its achievements in the face of American Imperialist belligerence and threat of war, not just to mention half a century old embargo, but also it does give an insight into important issues in international relations.

Clearly, Fidel Castro is a well read person and reading this book sounds getting to know important historical figures in the context of wold politics.

Most of all Fidel’s clarity about the importance of cultural consciousness,how else the Cuban revolutions could have survived the hedonistic imperialistic culture and material lure from the US, is truly enlightening.

Simply the book is a treasure and must read for anyone interested in the cause of the people, social justice and freedom, in the real sense of the term.



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