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[Video] Cultural decadence – Ethiopia !

December 24,2014

The generation in the making in Ethiopia seem to be weird in the real sense of the term. For considerable number of youngsters in Addis Ababa, and the trend is being emulated in the rest of the country including countryside, hedonism is confused with knowledge and “modernity.”

The country is losing her soul much faster than the cultural conquerors anticipated. What you see in the video is something very unlikely to be tolerated sometime back even by passersby let alone to attract a crowed.

The girl in the video is apparently imitating singers in the west which is not a problem in itself. The problem is when it becomes a trend, which is the case, and the youth indulge in imitating cultural norms in other societies at the expense of its own rich and diverse culture.

Unfortunately, to date the issue of cultural conquest and the challenge it poses to the very existence of Ethiopia does not seem to be even a matter of concern for many of the opposition parties let alone to make it part of hte agenda or I do not know of any social movement in the country interested in the preservation of culture.

The attitude towards Ethiopian culture is increasingly taking a negative tone so much so that “renowned writers” are indulging in subtle deconstruction of the Ethiopian culture. Ethiopian culture is demonized, apparently, for everything that goes wrong to Ethiopia.



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