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Ethiopia : The Root Cause of Cultural Decadence

In spite of flowering narratives of economic success, which is not entirely true, Ethiopia is experiencing social malaise and cultural decadence.

The short article below locates the root causes of the problem in the administration of the governing party.

By Lydia Zewdu
Source : Facebook page of Lydia Zewdu
December 24,2014

Watching this video didn’t shock me at all! What do you expect from a generation that has it’s identity robbed, it’s culture deprived, it’s resources exploited and it’s history ridiculed on a daily basis? Where there aren’t many people to look up to as it is the recent day norm for those who are smart to be jailed and killed.. It would be over zealous to expect anything different than is seen in this video. This video shouldn’t be counted as anything but little girls getting lost in the lost world they are brought up in – the reality on the ground is far worst and jaw dropping.

If you think about it, what these kids witness on a daily basis is that the officials – “leaders” of the country are pimping in the business of selling children, whoring for land grabbers, displacing and slaughtering farmers. They live in a city where prostitution is the norm, Addis Ababa and all other major cities have no regulations to keep and give residents/citizens a morally and ethically secure environment, rather government perpetuate and make it easy for places like “massage places”, Shisha lounges, night clubs and hotels; hence you find this type of business disproportionately throughout the city to purposely create a cultural decline, a morally crippled generation. Of course, except in Tigray.

To me these girls represent and show the mere face of ETHIOPIA today. The way I see it, for the last two decades, Ethiopia had been going out butt naked exposing her all and begging every businessmen to take her, to buy her for the cheapest price they can pay for, commonly they pay their whores well, but her leaders bribe their investors to get in bed with them for their selling and “transformation” lust is getting in their heads, she twerks all day just like these girls as seen in the video as though she is worthless, she have no shame to come forth in the stages of the world and try to sell herself, unrestrained in her promiscuity, stripping down for greedy land grabbers, whilst she knows well that she is putting her money lust before her children’s future, betting on her own future, slaughtering her children’s throat to support her money lust. Stripteasing all day for “investors” and yes she claims she is fierce and daring, beautiful and resourceful and yet her price is so low; so low that no other whore would be sold for that price for……. Bidders doesn’t bother check her out, because she is cheap to a points she won’t cause a disappointment. She has built her bold brothels at every intersection- sector leavening her children’s for night fox.

You see the similarity with students who are watching and cheering and Ethiopians, some are visibly shocked and ashamed, but they just clap and laugh anyway, just like the “LIMAT” cheerleaders, they know what these investors and the deal constitute and what that means for the future of our country, but they cheer anyway.

This video is the exact reflection of Ethiopia – her pimp leaders and her people. The kids who are watching this ghetto dance are busy recording it, instead of asking themselves if it’s worth watching, instead of questioning as to how this is fun or even a dance, instead of asking as to how this connects/relates to them, just like those who are busy talking about “transformation” and recording and posting aesthetically unattractive cheap buildings/roads and trying to tell you how the country has progressed, while they know that our existence as people and our land, our culture, history is fading in the thin air like a dust!

As the word declares Ezekiel 16:28 thats exactly what happened to us! Mercy on us O Lord!




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