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Ethiopia : A British tourist shot dead in Bahir Dar

December 24,2014
Updated December 25,2014

Confirmed report in social media indicate that a tourist is killed in the city of Bahir Dar – a city where government forces killed five civilians during a peaceful demonstration last week.

News published by Fana broadcasting corporation , a radio station considered by many to be government affiliated radio station, identified the tourist as a British man but no name is mentioned.

According to FBC, the British tourist is killed earlier today and suspect is under custody. The report added that police is “investigating” the matter.

Government of Ethiopia reportedly sent condolences to the government of UK and the family of the victim.

Apparently, government did not want to disclose name and age of the victim. Identity of the suspect is not released either.

The news is already generating skepticism among Ethiopians in the social media as government forces were engaged in shooting rampage of civilians in Bahir Dar, as indicated above.

Government spokesman Shimeles kemal is quoted in Huffington Post as saying “It appears that a resident of Bahir Dar, who was licensed to carry a gun, accidentally discharged his gun while changing the gun position from one shoulder to the other.”

The British man,according to Huffington Post, was 47 and British Foreign Office didn’t, apparently,confirm the death of the tourist and is reportedly offering consular assistance to families of the victim.



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