Fighter pilot deserted and possibly landed in Eritrea, says state TV EBC

December 22,2014

State Television, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), announced that Ethiopian Air Force pilot who was on training session flying MI 35 fighter helicopter, along with copilot and technician, forcefully diverted the helicopter to land it in Eritrea.

EBC cited what it called a statement from the ministry of Defense of the Federal republic of Ethiopia.

While EBC stated that the fighter helicopter was being searched Since Friday 8:30 local time following communication failure, it did not even name the pilot whom it implicated in forcing the co-pilot and technician to divert the plane in Eritrea.

As well, EBC didn’t give much information or speculation as to how the pilot might have forced the copilot and the technician.

borkena published the news after Ethiopian satellite Television broke the news and the pilot is identified as Capitain Samueld Gidey.

To the news from the state TV, EBC, in Amharic, please click here

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