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Ethiopia : Dimtsachin Yisema movement staged another demonstration in the Capital Again

December 20,2014

Ethiopian Muslims - Eshetu Hama Keno
Ethiopian Muslims Photo credit : facebook page of Eshetu Hama Keno

After weeks of silence, Dimtsachin Yisema, Ethiopian Muslims movement,staged demonstration yesterday demanding same constitutional rights relating to freedom of religion.

Voice of America Amharic Service reported that the demonstration was held in Nur Mesjid (Mosque) in Piassa vicinity of Addis Ababa. Anonymous eye witness who spoke to VOA Amharic estimated thousands of Muslims in the capital took part in the demonstration. In an interview with VOA Amharic Addis Ababa Muslim Affairs Council president Dr.Ahmed Abdrahman contested the figure relating to demonstrators.

The demonstration reportedly lasted for only three minutes according to participants. Government forces were close by the Mosque where the demonstration took place.

Demonstrators wrote their slogans on colorful baloons and released them in the air.

Government is adopting a very repressive approach towards rights of citizens to practice their religion. Muslims girls who spoke to VOA Amharic gave testimonial that government is even banning ‘hijab’ in schools (Muslim dress) which Addis Ababa Muslim Affair president is denied.

Dozens of Ethiopian Muslims were killed by government forces in Wollo and other parts of Ethiopia due to their peaceful Dimtsachin Yisema movement.

Elected Committees of Dimtsachin Yisema are in prison on tramped up charges of “terrorism”

Dimtsachin Yisema (literally “Hear our Voice”), Ethiopian Muslims movement for religious freedom, vow their peaceful movement will never die.



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