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Ethiopia : CBE suspended an opposition figure

December 18,2014

Eyasped Tesfaye - Source - Negere Ethiopia
Eyasped Tesfaye –
Source – Negere Ethiopia

Eyasped Tesfaye is head of Youth Affairs of the Ethiopian Opposition,Semayawi party. And he was jailed recently following attempt for peaceful demonstration.

After he was released from jail, Eyasped could not, allegedly, resume his work with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE).

It is known that leaders and members of Semayawi party were jailed for about six days under circumstances of inhuman treatment.

Eyasped claims that he produced document to CBE branch where he works but was told that manager could not deal with the matter , and elevated the matter to district managerial level. His case was latter directed to Human Resources department.

Eyasped was to hear from them in one day. As it turns out, he was told that he can not start work for 15 days until Complaints Board is back in work which they say were in a workshop.

Recently, Semayawi party leadership and Ethiopian Air Lines employee, Worotaw Wassie, was fired from his job.

To read (in Amharic) Negere Ethiopia’s social media update, please click here



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