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Ethiopia : Ethiopian Air Lines allegedly fired member of opposition

December 15,2014

Worotaw Wassie Source - Negere Ethiopia
Worotaw Wassie
Source – Negere Ethiopia

Addis Ababa – Negere Ethiopia, newspaper close to Semayawi party, reported that Worotaw Wassie who is serving as head of financial affairs within Semayawi party is fired from his job at Ethiopian Air Lines.

According to the report, while Worotaw is fired for alleged inaction in taking disciplinary administrative measures, the very employee whose case has caused dismissal of Worotaw is back to work at Ethiopian Air Lines.

The source cited Woretaw as saying that member of the management who is immediately responsible for taking administrative action against the employee got only deductions of five days of pay. Woretaw thinks that his dismissal is rather a political case possibly related to his activity in one of the active oppositions in the country – Semayawi party.

It’s , however, clear that Ethiopian Air Lines is under tight control of the dominant entity in the ruling coalition, TPLF, as are many institutions in the country including religious institutions . Board members of Ethiopian Air Lines are mainly from TPLF party. And there is much discontent in the ranks of Ethiopian Air Lines employees.

In February 2014, co-pilot of Ethiopian Air Lines, Hailemedhin Abera, hijacked Rome bound Ethiopian Air Lines jet and diverted it to Switzerland.

borkena will publish updated news should Ethiopian Air Lines responds on this matter.



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