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Kenya, Ethiopia Sign Deal For Border Communities

Citizen News
By Bonareri Samaha
December 10,2014

Kenya and Ethiopia have signed an agreement for communities living at their borders in a bid to bolster security among them

The agreement seeks to create opportunities for the communities at the border in order to avoid cross-border attacks

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the agreement will create stability and security at the border and enhance peaceful co-existence among communities that have always fought

The President spoke today when he bade farewell to the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Ato Shemsedin Ahmed.

He assured the envoy that the Kenyan government is determined to implement the special status agreement signed between the two countries.

On terror, President Kenyatta said Kenya is committed to winning the war and that his government will continue working with and borrowing best practices from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian envoy condoled with the President and the people of Kenya following the recent terror attacks that led to the deaths of 64 people in Mandera

The envoy told the president that the Ethiopian government will work closely with Kenya to ensure they root out the Al-Shabaab menace in the region.

He assured the President that the agreement will be implemented fully for the sake of security and stability in the region.

Ambassador Ahmed said conflict between border communities has made the economies in the area to stagnate

The outgoing Ethiopian envoy congratulated President Kenyatta for having been relieved of the International Criminal charges at the ICC.

He said the Ethiopian government will continue working closely with Kenya to ensure the remaining two cases are also shelved.

He said the ongoing construction of Isiolo-Moyale road onwards to Ethiopia will facilitate economic growth and that the Ethiopian government is committed to border trade.

He added that the agreement will help people move freely.



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