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7 women killed in Somalia attack

December 10,2014

MOGADISHU, Seven women have been killed in Somalia’s Tiyeglow town, local police said Wednesday.

Adan Hussen Abubakar, a police officer in Tiyeglow, said two were beheaded by Al-Shabaab overnight and five others were killed in the town in revenge of the beheading of the two.

“Al-shabaab kidnapped two women from Tiyeglow town last night and they beheaded them in the outskirts of the town and left their bodies with their heads put on their waist,” Abubakar said.

He said the government forces launched security sweep on Wednesday morning, and arrested wives of Al-shabaab commanders still staying in the town.

However, a soldier, whose wife was one of the two beheaded, opened fire on the arrested women and killed five of them.

Abubakar also confirmed that the soldier was arrested by the government military.

The government of Somalia didn’t comment on this awful tragedy.

The situation of Tiyeglow town is in tense following the killing. The Somalia military forces assisted by AMISOM are stabilizing the situation.



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