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Ethiopia : Massive arrests of opposition figures and members in Addis Ababa following peaceful demonstration

December 6,2014

Semayawi Party, one of the active opposition parties in Ethiopia in recent times, and eight other opposition parties were meant to exercise constitutional rights stipulated in the constitution of FDRE when they planned an overnight peaceful demonstration at Meskel Square in the Capital to demand government for a free and fair election in the upcoming Ethiopian general “Election.”

However,the ruling TPLF regime,as many observers expected, didn’t even allow the absolutely peaceful march to Meskel square in Addis Ababa. A contingent of armed security force was deployed to Meskel Square and in the areas adjacent to the offices of opposition parties where the peaceful march to Meskel Square was meant to commence.

According to Negere Ethiopia , opposition figures including Semayawi party’s chairman Yilkal Getnet are brutally attacked and locked up in police division detention center in Cherkos District of Popolare area in Addis Ababa.

Close to 300 opposition figures and members are reportedly beaten and arrested. Police presence was overwhelming. More so policy acted aggressively against absolutely peaceful demonstrators. Demonstrators were not even throwing stones other than saying their slogans.

Even seventy years old staff (security guard) of Semayawi party, Keno Abajobe, is not spared. Girls are attacked.

The measure by the TPLF dominated government poses a question whether it is wise move to seek change in a rather passive demonstration which is exposing many citizens to humiliation and inhuman attack thereby creating a mindset of nihilism about peaceful demonstration. Observers express their opinion that a major rethinking of even the peaceful demonstration is imperative.



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