Rape : [Video -Amharic] Ethiopia Police special program on gangraped Hana Lalengo

Video credit : Sodere Youtube channel.

Police special program featured testimonials from the parents of Hana Lalongo and discussion on the issue of rape. Victim of the father described his late daughter as a caring and humble girl.

However, there seem to be complaint among some Ethiopians that police was rather negligent in handling the case of Hana Lalongo. Hana didn’t even got the kind of medical care she needed.

More importantly, it is not really clear as to what government is doing in terms of fighting drug culture and pornography which are, according to some observers, mushrooming in places adjacent to secondary schools and colleges.

It does make little or no sense to exonerate government from the problem.

In fact, government seem to be subtly building credibility around its media outlet which was otherwise totally rejected.

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