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TPLF shockingly admits failures in Ethiopia By Admasu Belay

Source : Abugida
December 3,2014

Since it came to power over 20 years ago, the TPLF regime has always declared its achievements in Ethiopia’s political and economic sectors. Everybody knows the state media ETV and its daily nonstop propaganda of how much better Ethiopia has become over the years. Not only that, TPLF has been telling the international community about how it changed and transformed Ethiopia. So much so, that it had even deceived some Bush and Obama adminstration officials to believe its lies.

But after over 20 years, the London-based Financial Times (FT) reported today that TPLF has finally admitted its massive failures in Ethiopia.

Shockingly, the TPLF admitted its disasterous policy of landlocking Ethiopia and its economic impact as well as the risk of another famine in Ethiopia.
For the last two decades, this “F word,” was banned by Meles and all his TPLF disciples. In the past, If any foreign officials dared to use the words “famine” and “Ethiopia” in the same sentence, the wrath of TPLF’s “ministry of foreign affairs (mfa)” would attack and humiliate them with endless MFA press releases. Meles himself told Ethiopians to forget about famine and promised that even our poorer people “will eat three times a day very soon.” That promise was made in 1994! Ironically today, the TPLF government sent a document to international investors, admitting another ” risk of famine, the high level of poverty” in Ethiopia, according to the Financial Times.

Not only has Ethiopia lost most of its hard currency reserves but the “steadily depreciating exchange rate may adversely affect Ethiopia’s economy ,” according to the TPLF document. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c8691100-7a07-11e4-8958-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3KknKlcnM

That is not all. TPLF also admitted the chance of “resumption” of the war with Eritrea and more unrest from “political turmoil” as well as bad relations with Djibouti causing the “blocking of the country’s only access to the sea.”

It is about time TPLF accepted its failures!

Out of TPLF’s top five policy changes since it removed Mengistu regime in 1991, it has now admitted four policies have failed already.

1. On Eritrea policy and access to the sea. (ADMITTED FAILURE)

2. Avoiding drought and famine (ADMITTED FAILURE)

3. On Improving Ethiopian economy/fiscal policies (ADMITTED FAILURE)

4. Political reform and democratization (ADMITTED FAILURE)

5. Ethnic federalism (No admission yet)

Regarding the 5th TPLF policy, everybody knows TPLF has failed. Soon it will admit this failure too.

In 1995, TPLF claimed its “ethnic federalism” system will empower tribes without dividing Ethiopians. But today, Ethiopia is the most ethnically divided country in the world. Ethnic hatred, propaganda and tensions today are the highest ever in history. Just like the 1990s Rwanda, tribalism has destroyed Ethiopian nationalism and humanity. Sooner or later, TPLF will be forced to admit its last and final failure.

Regardless, Today will go down in history as the day TPLF admitted that it has achieved almost nothing (other that a few tall buildings) since it removed the DERG regime in 1991.
It has failed Ethiopia in every way possible. The only reason TPLF is still in power is because Ethiopians are peaceful people, unlike the warmongering and hatefilled TPLF.

For all those EPRDF ruling party supporters and TPLF footsoldiers worldwide, this must be the most embarasssing day. One single TPLF document has virtually dismissed over 20 years of ETV propaganda.




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