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Ethiopia : State media journalists to get upto 100 percent salary increment

December 2,2014

State media journalists in two of Ethiopian regional states are to get up to 100 percent salary increment, reported ESAT yesterday December 1,2014.

State journalists in region 3 and region 4 of Ethiopia ,which correspond to Amharic speaking and oromigna speaking parts of Ethiopia respectively in Ethiopia’s ethnic based federation, were indicted by the regime for alleged collaboration with rebel groups,Ginbot 7,Ethiopian Patriotic front and OLF, and leak out information, based on ESAT’s report. And it appears that the disloyalty was somehow related, in the minds of the ruling party, to financial problem.

State media agency, recently named as Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), already made 111 % of increment months ago. And the new adjustment is expected to give journalists up to 100 percent of increment

The increment by EBC, however, excluded support staffs in the corporation which is causing murmur.

To read ESAT’s report in Amharic, please click here



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