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Ethiopian government claims “security challenges minimized”

November 28,2014

Ethiopian government claims it has minimized security challenges, indicates report by ESAT.

Federal Affairs Minister Shiferaw Teklemariam told, according to ESAT report, federal and regional security officers that Ethiopia experienced four security challenges.

Guerrilla rebels constituted major challenges and Shiferaw in a way admitted the challenge to fully control rebel forces.

“religious fundamentalism” and “ethnic conflict” also constituted security challenges according to the minister and the claim is that government overcame these challenges. Effort to mediate tension between somali language speaking and Afar language speaking groups of Ethiopians is commenced.

Head of region 3 of the Federal Sates, Gedu Andargachew, on his part indicated that although security challenges are minimized, what he called “rebels armed by Eritrea” are still posing security challenges, added the report by ESAT.

Armed rebel groups operate from areas adjacent to Eritrean border. And peaceful opposition has become virtually impossible due to repression by the ruling party.



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