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Cuba arrests six foreigners for corruption of minors

November 18,2014

HAVANA,Four foreign citizens are jailed in Cuba for corruption of minors, while other two are awaiting for trial, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, citing a report.

A Canadian citizen is sentenced to 13 years in prison, an Indian gets three decades for the same crime, plus drug dealing, while two Italians are condemned to 23 and 25 year terms, respectively, for corruption of minors and murder.

Meanwhile, a British and a Spanish are waiting for their trials, charged of maintaining sexual relations with minors, according to the second report on Human Traffic and other forms of sexual abuse in 2013.

Cuba applies a policy of zero tolerance toward crimes of human traffic in any modality and abusive sexuality, said the Foreign Ministry.

Last year, there were 144 cases related to corruption of minors and pimping, but no trans-national characters were taken to court.

Protection was offered to 2,231 infant victims of presumed sexual abuse, which represents 0.09 percent of the infant-juvenile population in Cuba.

According to the release, the position of the government is totally in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted 25 years ago.



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