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Ethiopia : 17 year old Ethipian girl raped to death

Source : Justice for Hanna Facebook page
Source : Justice for Hanna Facebook page

November 18,2014

A 17 years old Ethiopian girl 17 named Hana lalongo is reportedly abducted from a taxi she took on her way home from school and raped to death by five young men in the Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, in the vicinity of Kolfe – Ayer Tena area, Amharic audio released on sodere reported citing police source.

The source indicates that the taxi driver was roving around for more than half an hour before Hanna was forced into one of the abductors house where she was subjected rape by five young men for five days.

According to the report, Hanna lost her life because of the rape. As indicated, the account is from initial police report and no other account seem to be available at this writing.

A campaign is started against the crime on Facebook

Undoubtedly the rape is not a new story in Ethiopia but the nature of the attack on Hanna seem to be unprecedented speaks fundamentally to the nature of massive social crisis and moral decadence under the leadership of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party.



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