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South Sudan ’s Kiir accuses IGAD of delaying peace deal

Sudan Tribune
November 16, 2014

South Sudanese preasident Salva Kiir (AFP)
South Sudanese preasident Salva Kiir (AFP)

(JUBA) – South Sudan ’s president Salva Kiir on Friday accused the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) of allegedly delaying peace talks to end the country’s 11-month-long conflict, which has killed thousand and displaced millions of people.

“Whenever we are about to reach a peace agreement, the IGAD imposes recess and holidays, this is why peace has not yet been signed. But we are committed as a government to bring peace to this country,” said Kiir while inaugurating a new ward at Juba military hospital.

“It is now time to look to the future. With your tremendous support, we have collectively done so much but to take our country to the next level, there is still more to be done,” he added.

Several of the country’s senior government and military officials attended Friday’s occasion.

Last week, IGAD, which is mediating talks between South Sudan’s two warring parties announced that progress was made in the power-sharing arrangements between the two principal leaders during the 28th extraordinary summit recently held by regional heads of state and government.

The two rivals reportedly agreed on how to share executive powers between the president and prime minister, including an agreement to command separate armies during initial phases of the would-be transitional period.

Mediators have given a15-day ultimatum for both sides to reach a consensus on sticking points.

Observers, however, say a scrimmage for executive powers between the president and prime minister means it could be weeks, if not months, before a peace deal is struck.

Regional leaders have threatened both sides with sanctions should they fail to end the conflict.



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