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Ethiopia : Mediation effort to restore Ethio-Eritrea relation

November 17,2014

Source - Addis Admas
Source – Addis Admas

Addis Ababa- It’s now official that the leadership in Ethiopia which is essentially TPLF is working on mediation effort to “renew the damaged relationship between the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea.”

A report by locally published Amharic newspaper, Addis Admas, indicates that there was a conference at the Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa organized by “Ethiopian Peace and Development Institute” the head of which is the founder and one of the master minds of Tigray People’s Liberation Front ethnic politics ideology, Sebhat Nega.

The conference at Ghion Hotel is said to be a continuation of conference held in earlier years.

There was rumor for years that members of the TPLF leadership were working on mediation in backstage for years and hundreds of students from Eritrea are given scholarship in Universities in Ethiopia.

Addis Admas indicated that an estimated 200 Eritreans flock to Ethiopia every day.

Ethiopia and Eritrea were in war in 1998 with an alleged border dispute which took the lives of more than 80,000 lives on the Ethiopian side alone.

Addis Admas reported that deputy director of “Ethiopian Peace and Development Institute”, Moges Teklemichael, stated that enmity between politicians of the two countries has become, in addition to being a threat to peace in the region, a roadblock for the relation between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia , and the institute is facilitating ways for the “representatives of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrean” to meet and discuss on the renewal of relations.

The report is vague about as to who the “representative of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia” are.

As it is know to many now, TPLF worked hard for the entrenchment of Federal structure almost strictly based on ethnicity and language which has strained social relations in Ethiopia. There were cases where small subsistence farmers were evicted from their land holdings in different parts of Ethiopia – a story which government of Ethiopia tried to cover up.

It is not clear why the problem with Eritrea is given priority.



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