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Ethiopia : BecauseIamOromo campaign started on social media

November 12,2014

Source- becauseIamOromo page on facebook
Source- becauseIamOromo page on facebook

A group of young Ethiopian activists based in Ethiopia and in the diaspora launched BecauseIamOromo online campaign on social media mainly on twitter and facebook.

According to a statement on their campaign page on Facebook, the campaign name BecausIamOromo is adopted from recent Amnesty International report on gross violations of human rights against Oromigna language speaking groups which the activists described as a “well done” report that captured shocking human rights violations against the youths of the Oromo, Ethiopia’s largest language speaking group.

The Organizers stated that the campaign will run for three days and called on Ethiopian community on social media to join the campaign and express solidarity.

However, some Ethiopians expressed concern that the campaign is ethnicized and echoing Amnesty International’s report without contextualizing the situation could rather be a disservice to Ethiopia while it could potentially serve the cause of radical ethnic movement the proponents of which seem to be engaged in a very subtle mobilization to manufacture ethnic conflict in Ethiopia.

While attacks and gross human rights violations of Oromigna speaking Ethiopians is true, the regime in power is also unleashing massacre and crime against humanity in South West (mainly Gambella region), South Eastern parts of the country. Central, Western and Northern parts of Ethiopia is also experiencing increased violations of human rights.



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