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Somali parliament fails to discuss no-confidence motion against PM

November 11,2014

MOGADISHU, The Somali parliament on Tuesday failed to sit and discuss about a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, who faced political dilemma as he made reshuffle in the cabinet without consultation of the president.

Over 40 anti-motion lawmakers started shouting in the parliament, chanting “No vote for cash” and disrupted the anticipated sensitive session to start.

Speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari tried to convince the shouting MPs to sit and listen the reading of the motion, but failed and had to announce close of the session.

Abdi Barre, the spokesman of the pro-premier members of the parliament told the media that they will not accept the motion to be read in the parliament and called it “illegal”.

“The motion was written by non-parliamentarians; the signatories are puppets,” Barre said.

Abdirahman Osman Ahmed, a pro-motion lawmaker, who was sitting in the parliament, called the act of the parliamentarians “unethical and unlawful”.

In a separate event, MP Mohamed Omar Dalha, the former deputy speaker of the parliament, escaped from assassination attempt, which claimed the lives of his driver and body guard.

Dalha, who was attacked on his way to the parliament Tuesday morning, confirmed that gunmen in Toyota Noah drove next to his Toyota Landcuiser and opened fire on them, killing the driver and the body guard.



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