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Ethiopia : Great Ethipoian poet Hailu GebreYohannes (Gemoraw) passed away

Hailu Gebreyohannes (Gemoraw) – Source Debteraw

[Audio] Introduction from Hailu GebreYohannes (Gemoraw) (Source

November 11,2014

Toronto – One of Ethiopia’s critical voice and great poet Hailu Gebreyohannes ( aka Gemoraw) passed away in his country of residence Sweden.

Sources indicate he was in hospital for sometime. The loss is clearly felt by Ethiopians. A critical voice, a voice for the voiceless with invincible spirit.

He had to live his beloved country Ethiopia for he was subjected to special attention for an allegedly subversive thought and rebellious spirit.

His poetry works are very popular among Ethiopians. They speak of courage, consciousness, invincibility, standing taller than a challenge, and a bit of stoic spirit as well. Very Ethiopian!

Here is an excerpt about consciousness

በመንቃት ላይ ባሉ ፍጡራን መካከል
ህይወት የምንለው እንደጥሬ እህል ፤
በኑሮ ምጣድ ላይ ቢቆላ ቢማሰል
የበሰለው ያራል! ጥሬው እስኪበስል




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