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Ethiopia : government mounted crackdown on AEUP members

November 04,2014

All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) members in Eastern and Western Gojjam zones are arrested, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) citing AEUP as a source.

The source added that the crackdown on AEUP members might be related to the upcoming election.

In related news, members of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) members are experiencing an even more intensive repression and harassment.

Mamo Gamo, Wolaita Zone chairman of UDJ in southern Ethiopia, and Wono Beddasa, party affair rep in Wolaita Sodo, were attacked by government forces while in a hotel in the town. These individuals are said to have sustained serious injury due to the attack, indicates ESAT’s report.

The attack is allegedly masterminded by the police chief in the town who is said to have uttered a political statement against the involvement of the attacked persons in opposition politics.



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