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Keeping Ethiopians in Perpetual Poverty, Starvation Is Key ERPRDF[ EPRDF ] Policy, says Ex Communications Minister

November 3, 2014

SEATTLE – Keeping Ethiopians in dire poverty so that they would starve perpetually, and remain too weak to rise up against repression, is one of the leading directives of the EPRDF ruling party, former EPRDF communications minister, Ermias Legesse, shocked a gathering of Ethiopians here in Seattle on November 1, 2014.

Fueling unrest and conflict among the various ethnic groups was also another key directive, Ermias said, mentioning other directives of the ruling party that may easily qualify as ‘crimes against humanity.’

Once a trusted political cadre of the ruling party, Ermias said they were given various directives how to work with ‘security workers’ of the regime, and eliminate young and rising opposition figures, including using the “anti-terrorism law” that has sent many of the promising opposition leaders to prison. (A must-watch 2nd video will be posted soon).



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