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Spirit of Thomas Sankara haunting Burkina Faso?

November 1,2014

The political development in Burkina Faso has captured the attention of the world. Blaise Compaore who ruled the country since the assassination of Thomas Sankara in 1987 failed not just from manipulating the constitution in a way to secure another term but also failed to have a respected exit.

The popular movement was strong enough to oust the Bliase Compaore from power and he had to leave the country seeking asylum in Cote D’ Ivore.

Blaise Compaore is implicated in the assassination of one of Africa’s progressive political figure – Thomas Sankara. The fact that he ruled the country for 27 years without being demonized like some African leaders ( Mugabe for instance) might give a clue as to the political caliber of Compaore.

if the popular movement that toppled Compaore is a talking point only in relation to the present without becoming an impetus to investigate as to why the revolution was betrayed, it is questionable if the new political development could transform Burkina Faso for the better.

If the movement has indeed something to do with the ideals of Thomas Sankara and is not an outcome of a project from the outside, there is a hope that the new revolution could inspire and change Burkina Faso for the better.

Video : Documentary on the life of Thomas Sankara as a revolutionary



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