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Canada: Social and economic factors should not be overlooked in analyzing Ottawa shooting

Much has been said in Canadian media about the recent shooting in parliament Hill in Ottawa. Michael Zehar-Bibeau embarked on a loner shooting rampage in a very symbolic government institution. Zehar-Bibea was shot dead by the sergeant-at-arms.

No question that the action of Michael Zehar-Bibeau constitutes a terrorist act. However, there is no strong evidence,from reports and news coverages so far, that indicates Michael Zehar-Bibeau’s project was coordinated and linked to non-state terrorist actors from outside Canada.Existing evidences seem to suggest that Michael Zehar-Bibeau was mentally unstable, homeless, discontented and disenfranchised citizen of Canada.

Following the incident, there is a talk about new legislation to give relevant security bodies “more power.” In fact, the Ottawa shooting can barely be explained in terms of the weakness of executive power of the security personnel. It is something that law enforcement bodies could have averted employing the executive power they currently have.

The social and economic factors producing estranged citizens should not be overlooked.

Camilo Cahis offered analysis of the Ottawa shooting. The analysis essentially differs from what we have been hearing on Canadian media since the incident.

Please click here to read Camilo Cahis writing



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