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7 soldiers killed in bomb blast in Egypt’s Sinai

October 19,2014

CAIRO, Seven soldiers were killed and four others injured on Sunday in an explosion targeting their vehicle in the Arish city in North Sinai, Egypt, security source told Xinhua.

The military armored vehicle carrying the soldiers was blown up by an explosive device while they were on their way to comb the natural gas station in southern Arish city, provincial capital of northern Sinai, security sources confirmed.

At least four explosions or attacks took place in several cities of Egypt during the past week as the Egyptian military forces carried on the operations against extremist militants in Sinai.

On Friday, a leading member of the al-Qaida-inspired Sinai- based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis group was arrested in a raid on southern Arish city, North Sinai province.

The number of terrorist attacks has been growing since the ouster of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi by the army last July and the massive security crackdown on his supporters, which left about 1,000 of them killed and thousands more arrested.

Similar attacks first targeted security personnel and their premises in the restive Sinai Peninsula, and then were extended to the capital and provinces across the country. The Ansar Bayt al- Maqdis group has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks.



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