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Why would the world live for the interest of the US and its allies?

By Dimetros Birku
October 17,2014

Don’t ask me what good is puppet government for the very people whose shoulder is needed to bear it. But I can certainly tell that all that the US and its allies want is a puppet government or total destruction without destructing the resources they need.

Two best examples, obviously, of recent American Crimes are Iraq and Libya. And think about what happened after the Americans reduced these countries virtually to nothing after they hunted down resistant leaders who dare to defiant to be puppets?

Countries in Asia and Latin America are alarmed about the situation. Had the project been successful, Ukraine was meant, it appeared, to be a spring board to make Russia “Democracy” in the course of time. Certainly, it is not in the interest of Ukraine to be a spring board. Nor a case worth a war with Russia

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