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Teddy Afro – Popular Ethiopian artist reportedly detained

October 13,2014

Teddy Afro
Teddy Afro

Ethiopia’s popular singer Tewodros Kassahun, endeared as Teddy Afro, is detained earlier today, reported DeBirhan.

According to the report, Teddy appeared at Arada first instance court where the judge ordered his release on 30,000 Ethiopian Birr (about US$ 1500) bail. There is no confirmation for the release of Teddy Afro as yet.

De Birhan report indicates that Teddy is arrested on grounds of his purchase of untaxed vehicle which is said to have happened about eight years ago.

In fact Teddy Afro was incarcerated for years on alleged grounds of “hit and run.”

However, for millions it is not questionable at all that Teddy Afro is a victim of ethno-nationalist politicians. As popular as he is, Teddy Afro has got haters in radical ethno-nationalist quarter.

In related development, one of the boldest critic of regime in power – journalist Temesgen Desalegne is arrested same day. More updates will follow as it becomes available.



  1. When two buffalo fight I’m worried about about them becoming hyenas dinner. The hyena is cruel they will never hold back. When Ethiopians fight each other remember that the hyenas are waiting.

  2. Teddy Afro don’t go to Eritrea, look the political condition. Please don’t take the advise of anyone even your friends. Foreign enemies who are thinking to go to war with Ethiopia think you are a strong man who can move the people of Ethiopia to be merciless towards their enemies. The safe place to you is Ethiopia. Watch yourself, there are many Diasporas poisoned with Money. Ethiopians, don’t follow them, keep the peace and unity, watch your millennium dam every minute. The enemies are trying to distract you, first is to get out of your poverty. Ask yourself, if a war starts tomorrow or next week from foreign power be ready. Prime Minster is talking about God with someone doesn’t care about it. They are preparing for war with Ethiopia, like buying jets all kind 2600 miles/hour speed and they are trying to get closer to you. Buy jets before they attack. Stop buying commercial planes for now. Focus on the millennium dam and buy them later.


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