Ethiopia : Reflection of political work for Chauvinist Tigray

Photo Credit- Yemane Mitiku facebook page
Photo Credit- Yemane Mitiku facebook page

Photo Credit- ” Yemane Mitiku  ” facebook page.

Many who claim to be “rational and neutral” are skeptical about the Chauvinistic nature of the dominant TPLF party in the ruling EPRDF party and its sinister motive.

In the picture, apparently, are Children in Tigray with AK 47 – clearly a manifestation of TPLF political indoctrination in its effort to create the next generation of Chauvinists to carry on the “vision” of illusions of ethnic supremacy through arm.

On the contrary Children and youth in the rest of Ethiopia are systematically made to live fear and develop fearful and submissive personality. If this picture was from somewhere else in Ethiopia, it would have caused arrest and an investigation of some kind.

In fact, quite considerable number of Ethiopian children are living misery not just because of poverty but also because of orchestrated apartheid like administrative repression in the form of eviction of their parents from a subsistence small land holdings in the Western, Southern and South Eastern parts of Ethiopia.

In essence, if what is seen in the picture is a pattern in Tigray, what TPLF is doing is inculcating in the minds of children in Tigray conflict consciousness, war and ethnic based dictatorship. Is this desirable in any way?

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