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“No more another Bengas[z]i” , pro-TPLF protestors in Washington

October 7,2014

Image source- from facebook page of Ethio Sunshine
Image source- from facebook page of Ethio Sunshine

It is usual for Ethiopian activists to stage peaceful demonstration in Washington and elsewhere in the US and Europe opposing massacres, detentions, human rights violations and wide spread repression. But it is not usual for supporters of the ruling TPLF in Ethiopia to stage demonstration against Ethiopian activists.

Demonstrators carried placards reading “No more another Bengas[z]i” insinuating the recent incident at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington could be likened to the attack of US embassy in Bengazi.

They protested what they call “gangs” who are in fact Ethiopians living in Washington DC area who were protesting latest massacre in south eastern and south western Ethiopia.

During a protest over a week ago Ethiopian peaceful protestors managed to enter the premises of the embassy to express their anger over fresh massacres – an incident which caused the embassy personnel to open fire on protestors in stead of calling US law enforcement bodies.No protester was injured during the incident. However, the embassy personnel who opened fire was expelled to Ethiopia after an alleged refusal by the Ethiopian government to waive immunity of the gunman.

pro- TPLF protestors apparently meant to be strategic to get the attention of the US government when they try to liken the incident where the Ethiopian embassy personnel opened fire with the attack of the US embassy which claimed lives including US ambassador to Libya.



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