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“Unexpected Cuba”

Following the collapse of USSR many of members of COMECON in Eastern Europe fall prey to the predator: Capitalism at the time taking a global form and had to adopt numerous economic policies, adhering to prescriptions of the Bretton Woods institutions, along the lines of “liberalization and privatization.” Yet, the fundamental paradigm shift which was supposedly to effect prosperity and better living condition turned out to be, essentially, a mirage -not to mention the social malaise it brought about.

Cuba, on the contrary, was determined to stay the course sailing against economic story, and essentially on its own, not only against the background of the natural consequence of the collapse of the socialist block but also against the background of worsening trade embargo from the US. The result is not in fact what US imperialism and the financial institutions (IMF and World Bank) anticipated. Cuba did well. The results in education and health care are profoundly positive. And all that while funding other welfare program.

In a very informative essay entitled “Unexpected Cuba” published on “New Left Review” of July-August 2014 edition, Emily Morris captured the economic challenges Cuba experienced and its policy response highlighting the experiences of other nations in Eastern Europe and points by US based detractors of the Cuban revolution. Quite an interesting read indeed. Click here to read.



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