The Return of Fascism in Contemporary Capitalism

Excellent writing by Samir Amin. For some, the topic might sound a bit pessimistic. However, the danger of reemergence of fascism in contemporary capitalism – which is now in the form of globalized neoliberalism – is likely to happen unless struggle to avert it emerged solid and more strong.

Although a greater part of Latin America is essentially free from the brute of neolibearal capitalism, the fight is not over and the future is uncertain. In the U.S a war mongering fascistic tendency is poised to take power lurking in what Semir referred to as “false feminism” and in the person of Hilary Clinton. Countries with a history of some form of fascistic seed, including in Western Ukraine, could give a fertile ground for the reemergence of fascism following impending crisis in capitalism.

Click here to read an interesting analysis which is published on Monthly Review

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