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The Equalizer – latest Hollywood propaganda embodiment

Dimetros Birku

Watched Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer yesterday

I envy people who rather look at the technical aspect of the movie – sound track, photography, directing, suspense, how realistic it is and what have you while they barely, if at all, look at the very essence and purpose of the movie.

The Equalizer to me sounds like the latest embodiment of Hollywood propaganda machine mobilization for a purpose in international politics and the target is Russia.

The image that emerges from the movie is a narrative of savage and savior.

The Savior- The Equalizer – Mr. McCall (Denzel) who is an intelligence officer working a blue collar job in a warehouse. He is given a character of compassionate intellectual who has made peace with a very austere solitary life and very daring in going a great length to protect those who happened to be vulnerable to gang violence (victims)- a task which involved a vengeful and violent killings. Of course the savior is an American.

The Savage- an organization like Russian thuggery enterprise in American soil with enormous fortune of which a single bite was later distributed to workers( from Latin, China and what you) in the middle of the down fall of the enterprise following lone and invincible war of the Equalizer. Apparently, a great deal of the fortune was make out of sex trade employees being Russian girls. And the “savage” character is Russia. What is implicated is, and perhaps overlooked, that the sex trade market is America which in turn implies the consumers are Americans.

The victim – Russian Sex worker in America ( among others) who works for the thuggery enterprise and who happened to know the The Equalizer in a place where he goes for his treats and coffee and who then became the very cause for his loner war against thuggery empire of Russian mafia after she was assaulted by her employers.

Having destroyed the business of Mafia’s and the mafias themselves, The Equalizer even dared to travel to Moscow to deal with the remainder of the mafia cell in and empire in Russia and which he did with success.

Scenes in the movie, one after another, are laden with figurative and literal propaganda against Russia. Even name of the thuggery master is Vladamir Pushkin. Hanged in the wall of his elaborate office in the headquarter is the sacred image of the virgin Mary – an image very common in the tradition of Russian Orthodox church and many more things.

The over all image projected is The Equalizer is civilized, intellectual and compassionate American. His vengeance and merciless killings is made to appear imposed and had to do it in pursuit of “social justice.” He makes you forget, if that is a good thing, a story of lone angry Americans who end up hating their own society, grab their assault rifle and go on killing spree.Even those who were serving in the army – who is going to forget Christopher Dorner and how he was dealt with?

As well, The Equalizer makes you forget, if that is a good thing again, race politics in America and for a moment you are made to see blacks in a bright light – not unruly and uneducated ,and often suspects of robbery and killing but heroic, honorable, intellectual, honest and just.

In fact, that image is essential for the United States to recruit blacks for its unending war imperialistic war – and especially if the issue with Russia is turning out to be an outright war sooner or later.

The thing is, from international politics perspective, The Equalizer most certainly makes no sense in societies with good measure of political consciousness – in societies like Latin America and parts of Asia. Of course it does not make sense for Russians too. If at all, it might make them angry.



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