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Ethiopia : “Girl power : Meet the Spice Girls of Ethiopia”

Dimetros Birku

The idea ‘Spice girls’ is very strange in Ethiopian society. The name is well over a decade old in the “international” music scene.In reality, there is no doubt that the music tradition and idea of spice girls is western in all its forms. Social engineering has made possible the task of Westernizing Ethiopian societies perhaps much faster than what the western world thought of the time it would take to westernize Ethiopian societies and values which was otherwise essentially unique and original.

Apparently little consciousness about the workings of western cultural conquest, extreme poverty and political repression have combined together against possible resistance to cultural conquest.

Unfortunately, the devastating consequences for years to come,in a number of ways, of the trend to serve as collaborator in the project of western conquest of Ethiopian culture is not realized at this point in time. Media sensation and economic gains are ravaging patriotic tendencies in its cultural form and resistance to cultural invasion.

Panashe Chigumadzi wrote, in what seems to me like a tribute like fashion, about a group of young singers in Ethiopia projecting them as Spice girls – not just that of Ethiopia but also that of the Horn of Africa – embedding gender politics to the story. The publication might be much more than content creation in the digital news market.

Whether the singers would accept the designation and see themselves as Spice Girls or not, whether the member of their generation would accept the “prestigious” name remains to be seen in a matter of weeks or months.

Click here to read the story by Panashe Chigumadzi



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