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United Kingdom survived Scottish Referendum

Dimetros Birku
September 19,2014

The referendum on Scotland witnessed the highest voter turn out. Over 85 percent of registered voters participated in the referendum. 55.3 percent of voters are said to have voted “NO” Scotland to be independent of United Kingdom while the remaining 44.7 voted “yes” for Independent Scotland.

Clearly, there anxiety in the UK regarding the prospect of losing Scotland which played a crucial role in the British empire in the past 300 years. United Kingdom had to make pledges after pledges of doing Justice for Scotland as a cost of keeping Scotland as part of United Kingdom. Remarkable in the vote is that Glasgow voted “Yes” for independence.

Oil rich Scotland is presumed to have more power and resource in the years to come from London. The question is would the Scottish referendum have positive implication for the rest of the UK – especially in terms of reconsidering the neoliberal governing principle “There is no such thing as society?” Will the Scottish referendum be a stimulus to make UK reconsider its social and economic policies in the rest of United Kingdom?



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