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‘Snowden may well be right’: New Zealand PM doesn’t rule out nation being spied on by NSA

September 17,2014

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key (L) and Edward Snowden (Reuters/AFP) Source - RT
New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key (L) and Edward Snowden (Reuters/AFP)
Source – RT

Prime Minister John Key said Edward Snowden ‘may well be right’ in his claims that the NSA has access to communications from New Zealand. The politician, however, said he ‘did not believe’ mass surveillance was taking place.

Key was interviewed in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations on Monday published by The Intercept, in which he claimed he “routinely came across the communications of New Zealanders” in his work with “a mass surveillance tool we [NSA] share with GCSB, called ‘XKeyscore’.”

Snowden: If you live in New Zealand, you’re being watched

Snowden was probably telling the truth, the prime minister told Radio New Zealand on Wednesday.

“I think the point he was making was, in that shared database, he said ‘I regularly came across information about New Zealanders’ … That may well be right,” he said.

When asked if he could rule out mass gathering of New Zealanders’ metadata by the NSA, the politician did not give a definitive answer.

“I don’t run the NSA any more than I run any other foreign intelligence agency,” New Zealand’s PM replied.

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