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Ethiopia: Tigray undertakes watershed development

Source ERTA

by Zerihun Getachew
September 16, 2014

Watershed development was carried out on 1,300 hectares of land in Tigray regional state last Ethiopian budget year.

The development activities were carried out in all 186 kebeles (districts) of the Regional State, said Michael Miruts, public relations coordinator at the agriculture and rural development bureau.

According to the coordinator, more than 22.7 million people organized in more than 90,000 teams took in the ecosystem-based approach for the development.

In addition to fencing the over 267.9 hectares of land available in the regional state, some 174 million tree seedlings were planted in the reported period, he indicated.

He said the bureau is taking care of the 25 million seedlings planted in 670 Meles parks established in the regional state in 2005 E.C.



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