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Ginbot 7 discards ER Report as “false and fabricated”

September 9, 201

SEATTLE- A report published by Ethiopian Review that implicates Eritrea in the abduction of Andargachew Tsege is absolutely “false and fabricated,” a top Ginbot 7 leader told Ethiomedia by phone on Tuesday.

Neamin Zeleke, executive committee member of Ginbot 7, dismissed Ethiopian Review’s Report line by line, regretting why the ER editor in the first place never asked anyone of Ginbot 7’s leaders for their views in what the editor called an investigative report.

“Whatever said in that report is pure fiction,” a resentful Neamin Zeleke said, wondering if ER had an “ax to grind by publishing a fictitious story.

Asked whether Dr Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsege had that much polarized differences on Eritrea as reported by ER, Neamin said, “Absolutely no! Elias Kifle could have talked to anyone of us but he didn’t. Instead, he wrote a fiction out of his own fantasy, which regrettably hurts the struggle we all of us try to promote and bring about the reign of democrayc and justice in Ethiopia.”

Neamin also regretted that ER’s fiction appeared on Ethiomedia, which he described as ‘credible news source.’

In an emailed message, Neamin wrote:

“Despite differences on some issues, as a responsible media, we have expectation from Ethiomedia to counter-check the veracity of ER’s ludicrous fiction before reprinting it on its site. ER is interested in concocting fabricated stories instead of reporting the truth and presenting the actual facts. In this case about G7, its leadership, Andargachew , and the circumstances of his abduction from Yemen, who did what and the chronology of the events before and after his abduction by the Woayne Mafia.”

On the side of Ethiomedia, we are trying to reach out to Elias Kifle, editor and publisher of Ethiopian Review, and seek his responses to some outstanding questions related to the story that Ginbot 7 has labeled as ‘false.’

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