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Ethiopia: Difret film screening gone awry

(borkena) An excited crowed packed in auditorium to enjoy screening of the film Difret, an acclaimed film produced by Ethiopian born Zeresenay Berhane Mehari the production of which involved people like Angelian Jolie from Holly Wood,in the capital Addis Ababa was given disheartening challenge when the screening went awry.

Security personnel claiming to have a court order demanded stoppage of the screening minutes before its start. The organizers had to heed for the demand and announced the development from the stage giving the excited crowed a bad ice bucket like challenge.

Difret narrates a story of a 14 year old who allegedly abducted who happened to kill her abductor.

Things are unpredictable in Ethiopia and of course worse things happen. Most people come to think like they live under a total control of a terrorist government.

So far no explanation is given as to why the movie screening is banned. The video above is produced by Awramba Times.



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