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Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault : The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin

Unlike the ubiquitous narrative in the west about the Ukraine crisis for which Putin blamed as a cause, not even Russia, John J Mearshimer – a political science professor at Chicago University – offers a different narrative.  In an essay published on Foreign Affairs Magazine, Professor Mearsheimer asserts that the Ukraine Crisis is  the West’s fault. The professor recounts incidents that transpired in the region as far back as over a decade ago and portrays how Russia felt threatened.
The suggestive conclusions the author came up with ,which he thinks that it leads to win win situation,is likely to represent something like defeatism for the west. But again everything that Russia did in the past months is in line with realpolitik and realpolitik is alive, for the author. Some of the assumptions and interpretations events by the author could potentially be a point of divergence. However, the essay is by far scholarly and impartial  in terms of addressing the causes of the Ukraine crisis.
Read the full Essay on  Foreign Affairs Magazine




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