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Egypt, UAE involved in Tripoli airstrike: Libyan Islamists


TRIPOLI, Libya’s Islamist militant groups on Saturday accused that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt were behind the recent airstrikes on their bases in the capital Tripoli.

A spokesman for the Islamist coalition forces Libya Dawn said their intelligence information showed that the UAE and Egypt were involved in the recent air raids against them. He also accused the current Libyan government and parliament as the designer of the air strikes and asked them to stop the “cowardly” aggression.

The armed Islamist groups have been under sporadic airstrikes during the past week, but identities of the warplanes are still not verified. On Saturday alone, 11 Islamist militants were killed and another 20 injured after several fighter jets bombed their bases.

Earlier renegade General Khalifa Haftar, who launched his so- called anti-terrorism military campaign Operation Dignity in May targeting Islamist militants and led his troops constantly pounding the Islamist forces, claimed responsibility for the airstrikes.

But Libya’s air staff later said in a statement on Monday that it had received evidence showing that the airstrikes were launched by foreign warplanes, adding that guided and smart bombs were used which the local warplanes were incapable of.

Some analysts said the airstrikes have added complicity of the conflict and made the clashes even bloodier.

Since mid-July clashes between armed Islamist groups and pro- secular militias have left at least 102 people dead and 452 others wounded in Tripoli alone.

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