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Does google spy for States?

by Dimetros Birku

Does Google “…keep an eye out for stuff that the government might want to see…”?  Thomas L. Knapp seem to think affirmatively in his article “Google Is Acting Like an Arm of the Surveillance State”

While the solution he seem to think, “Abolition of the state”,  is far fetched although it is not surprising in view of the fact that the writer has described himself as  “Senior News Analyst at the Center for a Stateless Society” , he has got a point about the prospect of Google working for Surveillance State .

The question is what is it that governments want to see in the cyber world as it relates to the in the activities of individuals and/or organizations? I would answer virtually anything that consolidates the power of the neoliberal state : anything that they would consider a “security threat” including “subversive literature” and “hate speech.” It sounds like a move towards greater control over possible movements for social justice and freedom.

As much as the internet helped make information available just at the tip of your finger, it seems that it has made society vulnerable virtually to total state control. Communications and plannings of movements for social justice might need to consider the world outside cyberworld and smart phones to escape the surveillance.



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