Revolutionary song : Hasta siempre Che Guevara

Imagine yourself marching with revolutionary crowed singing revolutionary song! It must be very empowering. Breaking away from repression in the work place and repression in other forms. What does it feel like imagining a future where one will not be exploited or his/her livelihood will not be threatened and pass this same feeling to offspring? What does it feel like combating the feeling that you are the mercy of your exploiters and the very system designed to facilitate that? What does it feel like rescuing society from the nexus of national and transnational exploitation ? What does it feel like seeing dignity restored and humanity reign as opposed to humiliation and dehumanizing greed? That would feel like social security in the real sense of the term. That would feel like an opportunity in the real sense of the term.

Also better life is not when you own a “house” or indulge in a “large life” and pay for it all your life subjecting yourself to physical and mental torture consuming your conscience. And when it breaks one day, you will be labelled as “looser.” That is not better life.

For those who speak English, this timeless revolutionary song for Che Guevara is easy to understand as it is subtitled in English.

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